Seville Story

Third post in the BIUNE series. Phenomenal summer Spanish dress. Title of the post inspired by The Shady Dame from Seville from the movie Victor/Victoria with Julie Andrews. I just love that picture, and that song. Robert Preston’s version maybe even a bit more than Julie’s, because it’s just hilarious!

Dress & bracelets – BIUNE 

Photos by Wesley Channell


Also, I could not decide which version of the photos I liked better, so I decided to put up these following two as well! What do you think, whic version do you prefer?! ***




  1. Meni se sviđa poslednja slika u toj plavo-ljubicastoj varijanti, ali najvise mi se svidja prva u boji! :) Ma sve su super! :D

  2. Fotografije su divne i inspirišuće. Mislim da ti je blog sjajan i samo tako nastavi. Pozdrav. :)

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